Power, Energy & Renewable Industry Recruitment

Your Partner in Navigating a Transformative Sector

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and mitigating climate change, the energy and renewable industry is undergoing monumental shifts. Challenges range from the urgent need for decarbonization to volatile commodity pricing and the integration of disruptive technologies like cloud computing and robotics. Add to that a complex landscape of ever-changing regulations and policies, and you have a sector that’s as promising as it is challenging.

Why Choose Norconsulting Recruitment?

As your go-to recruitment partner specializing in the energy domain, we offer unparalleled expertise and over two decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing recruitment. We’re not just filling roles; we’re enabling the future of energy solutions by providing specialized talent that can navigate through these complexities.

Our Core Focus Areas:

  • Renewables: From solar to wind energy, we source experts who are driving innovation in clean, sustainable power.
  • Traditional Power: Our extensive network includes professionals in oil, gas, and coal sectors who are leading the way in efficiency and safety.
  • Nuclear Energy: Find top-tier talent focused on both the current and next generation of nuclear technologies.
  • Water Treatment: We connect you with specialists in water purification, desalination, and waste management—key elements in a sustainable energy strategy.

Whether you’re looking for contract, interim, or permanent positions, our recruitment solutions cover the entire project lifecycle. Norconsulting Recruitment is the first choice for both clients and candidates in the energy and renewable industry.



Renewable Energy Recruitment: Pioneering a Sustainable Future

At Norconsulting Recruitment, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with environmentally-conscious consumers globally, committed to phasing out fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy sources. We forge strong partnerships with innovators, manufacturers, and consultancies, providing them with the specialized talent needed to catalyze sector growth.


The Global Energy Landscape: Our Role

The energy landscape across the globe is complex and ever-changing, influenced by ambitious decarbonization initiatives, market volatility, and breakthroughs in disruptive technologies such as cloud computing and robotics. Add to that the intricate web of international regulations and policy changes, and the need for experienced guidance is clear.

Our services extend across a variety of renewable energy sectors:

  • Wind Power
  • Biomass Generation
  • Solar Energy
  • Energy-from-Waste Solutions
  • Tidal Power


As nations strive to meet climate targets and innovate in green technologies, specialized areas like energy storage and battery technology are increasingly important, particularly as electric vehicle adoption gains momentum.

Your Full-Spectrum Partner in Renewable Energy Recruitment

We take pride in sourcing and placing top-notch professionals in roles that span the full renewable energy product and project lifecycle:

  • Development & Construction
  • Commissioning & Operations
  • Design & Engineering
  • Asset Management
  • Project Management

Choose Norconsulting Recruitment as your reliable partner in steering the renewable energy sector toward a more innovative and sustainable future.


Electrification Recruitment Experts: Powering a Sustainable Future

Amidst growing global concerns about climate change and the push for carbon neutrality, the role of electrification in shaping the energy landscape has never been more pivotal. Transitioning to electric energy is not just a measure to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s also a pathway toward a cleaner, more efficient, and dependable energy ecosystem.


Your Specialist Partner in Electrification Talent

We work closely with preeminent developers in electrification, charging infrastructure, and connected energy solutions, offering specialized recruitment services to meet the demand for highly-skilled professionals.

Roles We Specialize In:

  • Battery Systems Engineers
  • Charging Infrastructure Planners
  • Electric Drivetrain Developers
  • Grid Modernization Analysts
  • Renewable Energy Consultants
  • Control Systems Engineers
  • Electric Vehicle Design Engineers
  • Energy Storage Solution Architects


Our Electrification Recruitment Services

Leveraging innovation to pave the way for a greener future, we recognize the abundance of emerging opportunities in energy and electrification for both clients and candidates alike.

With over 20 years of success in offering unmatched recruitment solutions to the engineering and manufacturing sectors, we are strategically positioned to deliver exemplary services in the field of electrification.


Tailored Solutions for a Diverse Client Base

Our global partnerships span a broad range of sectors, including small and medium-sized enterprises, manufacturing corporations, government bodies, law enforcement, and defense and intelligence agencies. These partnerships enable us to provide comprehensive electrification recruitment services that are second to none.


Experience You Can Trust

Our seasoned team of recruiters specializes in energy and electrification recruitment, embodying a deep understanding of both client and candidate needs in this rapidly evolving field.

Choose us as your trusted partner in electrification recruitment, and gear up for a future that’s not just electric, but also sustainable and efficient.


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Energy Storage Recruitment Experts

As the push for a greener, more sustainable future gains momentum, the spotlight turns to energy storage technologies as a cornerstone for achieving net-zero emissions. Advanced energy storage systems—from cutting-edge batteries to innovative thermal and gravitational storage solutions—are driving progress in sustainability.


Unleashing Innovations in Energy Storage
From electrochemical and flow batteries to on-demand thermal energy and pumped hydropower technologies, the scope of energy storage is vast and rapidly evolving. With renewables increasingly feeding the energy grid, effective storage becomes indispensable for ensuring consistent power supply.


Meeting Your Talent Needs in Energy Storage

Whether you’re seeking expertise in engineering, design, or systems development, Norconsulting Recruitment is your go-to partner for sourcing the best talent. Our team understands the intricacies of the energy storage sector, offering tailored recruitment solutions to meet your specific needs.


Our Energy Storage Recruitment Consultants and Clients

As we embrace a sustainable future filled with innovative solutions, opportunities within the energy storage sector are burgeoning for both employers and job-seekers. With over 20 years of industry expertise in providing top-tier recruitment services to the engineering and manufacturing sectors, Norconsulting Recruitment stands as a reliable partner in your journey towards sustainability.


Example Job Titles in the Energy Storage Sector

  • Energy Storage Systems Engineer
  • Battery Management Systems Specialist
  • Thermal Energy Storage Analyst
  • Grid Energy Storage Consultant
  • Energy Storage Solution Architect
  • Hydrogen Storage Engineer
  • Pumped Hydro System Designer
  • Energy Storage Project Manager

Our recruiting team’s extensive experience in energy storage and electrification ensures a deep understanding of both client and candidate needs, making us the ideal choice for your recruitment requirements.


Emerging Energy Frontiers

We also stand at the forefront of emerging technologies like energy recovery and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. We guide professionals from traditional sectors through the transition, advising on skill transferability, and sourcing the specialized talent required for innovative, interconnected technologies.


Partner with Norconsulting Recruitment to navigate the complexities of the power sector with confidence.


Nuclear Energy Recruitment Experts: Powering a Sustainable Future

Navigate the complex landscape of nuclear energy with Norconsulting Recruitment, your trusted partner for over 20 years in providing specialized recruitment solutions. Our services span the entire project lifecycle, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities in the global energy sector, including electrification, renewable energy, water, and nuclear energy.

Job Titles We Specialize In:

  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Radiation Protection Specialist
  • Health & Safety Officer
  • Decommissioning Specialist
  • Nuclear Security Officer
  • Reactor Operator


Why Choose Norconsulting Recruitment in Nuclear Energy?

As the energy sector evolves, it faces rising legislative demands, market diversification, and the need for newer, more efficient nuclear technologies. Whether you’re grappling with the urgency to decarbonize or the intricacies of global energy policies, we’re here to support you.

Our team specializes in sourcing security-cleared, highly skilled professionals compatible with OEMs, EPCs, and power plant operators. From the initiation and construction of next-generation nuclear facilities to the meticulous decommissioning of legacy assets, our experts are equipped to find the right talent for your projects.


The Changing Landscape of Global Nuclear Energy

Investments in new-builds are not just enhancing global competitiveness but also contributing to export growth and domestic capability in energy storage. Furthermore, cutting-edge innovations like Small Modular Reactors (SMR) are opening up exciting avenues for the future of nuclear energy.

By partnering with us, you can ensure your organization stays ahead in this dynamic environment, effectively leveraging opportunities while navigating challenges.


The combination of our extensive experience, tailored approach, and deep industry insights makes Norconsulting Recruitment the first choice for clients and candidates in the nuclear energy sector.


Water Energy Recruitment Experts: Navigating the Future of Water Management

Secure top talent in the ever-evolving water industry with Norconsulting Recruitment. Leveraging over two decades of experience, we provide specialized recruitment services that span the entire project lifecycle. Our expertise covers electrification, renewable energy, water, power, and nuclear sectors, meeting the needs of today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

Jobs We Specialize In:

  • Water Treatment Engineer
  • Wastewater Management Specialist
  • Civil Engineer
  • Hydraulic Modeler
  • Instrumentation and Controls Technician
  • Smart Metering Analyst
  • Water Quality Analyst
  • Asset Management Coordinator
  • Project Manager in Water Resources


Why Partner with Norconsulting in Water Energy?

As the water industry progresses towards active networks, the focus is increasingly on agile operations and a flexible workforce. Concurrently, the impact of climate change, planned policy reforms, and sustainability goals are driving investments in disruptive technologies, such as data analytics, smart grid technology, and water metering.

Our team of dedicated consultants excels in sourcing the right candidates across diverse functions—from mechanical & electrical design, maintenance, and instrumentation & controls to innovative areas like connectivity, smart metering, and automation & robotics. Whether you’re a manufacturer, utility, or technology company involved in clean water treatment, wastewater management, or civil engineering, we have the solution to your hiring needs.


Adapt and Thrive in a Changing Industry

The industry is grappling with a skills shortage that could slow down its transformative pace. To address this, Norconsulting Recruitment focuses on providing asset management and project management professionals capable of steering projects effectively.

By teaming up with us, your organization gains a strategic advantage in an industry where technology and sustainability intersect. Our in-depth market knowledge, tailored recruitment solutions, and comprehensive service offering make Norconsulting Recruitment the go-to choice for both clients and candidates in the water energy sector.