At Norconsulting Recruitment, our commitment is to offer industry-specific recruitment services, serving a broad spectrum of clients across diverse industry sectors. We excel in both contract recruitment and permanent staffing, offering best-in-class talent acquisition in the following specialized areas:

Engineering, Construction, and Civil

Norconsulting Recruitment is your go-to for skilled engineering recruitment and construction staffing solutions. From conceptual design to project completion, we provide civil engineering jobs and expertise for infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, tunnels, and airports globally.

IT & Technology

Our team excels in IT recruitment services, specializing in roles in artificial intelligence, automation & controls, tech job placement, cybersecurity recruitment, software development, and data science careers.


With a focus on renewable energy jobs and traditional energy sector recruitment, our expertise covers wind energy, solar power, tidal energy, waste-to-energy, CCGT, coal-based energy, and more.

Oil and Gas

We specialize in oil and gas industry recruitment, covering construction projects, engineering and design jobs, drilling operations, earth science and exploration roles, safety and environmental quality, and maintenance operations.

Transport & Future Mobility

Providing automotive recruitment solutions, we are at the forefront of future mobility jobs, covering the aerospace industry, aviation careers, rail jobs, motorsport recruitment, and commercial vehicle manufacturing.


Norconsulting Recruitment works across the chemical industry job market, from bulk chemicals to specialty chemicals and recycling, with special emphasis on COMAH & ATEX regulatory compliance.


We collaborate with healthcare companies, both private and public hospitals, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical devices sectors, helping them access top-tier talent throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Manufacturing & Materials

Our specialized manufacturing recruiters focus on roles within the metals industry, plastics job market, composite materials careers, and additive manufacturing job placement.